Charles E. Gibbs Prize  

Gibbs Prize: Best Manuscript of 2022

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscripts of 2021

  • “It's Being Compassionate, Not Making Assumptions”: Transmasculine and Nonbinary Young Adults' Experiences of “Women's” Health Care Settings

    Anu Manchikanti Gomez, Noah Hooker, Robin Olip-Booth, Phoebe Woerner, G. Allen Ratliff
    Vol. 31, Issue 4
    Published online: April 16, 2021
  • Preconception Health Risks Among U.S. Women: Disparities at the Intersection of Disability and Race or Ethnicity

    Willi Horner-Johnson, Ilhom Akobirshoev, Ndidiamaka N. Amutah-Onukagha, Jaime C. Slaughter-Acey, Monika Mitra
    Vol. 31, Issue 1
    Published online: November 21, 2020

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscripts of 2020

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2019

  • State Policies Targeting Alcohol Use during Pregnancy and Alcohol Use among Pregnant Women 1985–2016: Evidence from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

    Sarah C.M. Roberts, Amy A. Mericle, Meenakshi S. Subbaraman, Sue Thomas, Ryan D. Treffers, Kevin L. Delucchi, William C. Kerr
    Vol. 29, Issue 3
    Published online: March 12, 2019

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2018

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2017

  • Does Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence among Cardiovascular Disease Patients Vary by Gender? Evidence from a Nationally Representative Sample

    Soumitra S. Bhuyan, Olayinka Shiyanbola, Satish Kedia, Aastha Chandak, Yang Wang, Oluwaseyi O. Isehunwa, Nnamdi Anunobi, Ikenna Ebuenyi, Pallav Deka, SangNam Ahn, Cyril F. Chang
    Vol. 27, Issue 1
    Published online: November 25, 2016
  • The Status of Women's Reproductive Rights and Adverse Birth Outcomes

    Maeve Ellen Wallace, Melissa Goldin Evans, Katherine Theall
    Vol. 27, Issue 2
    Published online: January 25, 2017

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2016

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2015

Honorable Mentions

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2014

Honorable Mentions

  • Online Only
    Combat Deployment Is Associated with Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault in a Large, Female Military Cohort

    Cynthia A. LeardMann, Amanda Pietrucha, Kathryn M. Magruder, Besa Smith, Maureen Murdoch, Isabel G. Jacobson, Margaret A.K. Ryan, Gary Gackstetter, Tyler C. Smith, Millennium Cohort Study Team
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 23, Issue 4, e215–e223
    Published in issue: July-August, 2013

Honorable Mentions

  • Online Only
    Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Coverage Among Females Aged 11 to 17 in Texas Counties: An Application of Multilevel, Small Area Estimation

    Jan M. Eberth, Md Monir Hossain, Jasmin A. Tiro, Xingyou Zhang, James B. Holt, Sally W. Vernon
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 23, Issue 2, e131–e141
    Published in issue: March-April, 2013
  • Online Only
    Postpartum Screening for Diabetes among Medicaid-Eligible South Carolina Women with Gestational Diabetes

    Nathan L. Hale, Janice C. Probst, Jihong Liu, Amy Brock Martin, Kevin J. Bennett, Saundra Glover
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 22, Issue 2, e163–e169
    Published online: October 3, 2011

Honorable Mentions

  • Online Only
    Comparison of Labor and Delivery Care Provided by Certified Nurse-Midwives and Physicians: A Systematic Review, 1990 to 2008

    Meg Johantgen, Lily Fountain, George Zangaro, Robin Newhouse, Julie Stanik-Hutt, Kathleen White
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 22, Issue 1, e73–e81
    Published online: August 24, 2011
  • Online Only
    Attempts at Weight Loss in U.S. Women with and without a History of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    Jodie Katon, Charles Maynard, Gayle Reiber
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 22, Issue 5, e447–e453
    Published in issue: September-October, 2012
  • Online Only
    National Trends in Health Insurance Coverage of Pregnant and Reproductive-Age Women, 2000 to 2009

    Katy Backes Kozhimannil, Jean M. Abraham, Beth A. Virnig
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 22, Issue 2, e135–e141
    Published in issue: March-April, 2012
  • A Window of Vulnerability: Health Insurance Coverage Among Women 55 to 64 Years of Age

    Jacqueline L. Angel, Jennifer Karas Montez, Ronald J. Angel
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 21, Issue 1, p6–11
    Published online: September 15, 2010

Honorable Mentions

  • Increasing Discussions of Intimate Partner Violence in Prenatal Care Using Video Doctor Plus Provider Cueing: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

    Janice Humphreys, Janice Y. Tsoh, Michael A. Kohn, Barbara Gerbert
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 21, Issue 2, p136–144
    Published online: December 27, 2010
  • Should Providers Give Women Advance Provision of Emergency Contraceptive Pills? A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

    Diana G. Foster, Tina R. Raine, Claire Brindis, Daria P. Rostovtseva, Philip D. Darney
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 20, Issue 4

Honorable Mentions

  • Impact of Patient Adherence and Test Performance on the Cost-Effectiveness of Cervical Cancer Screening in Developing Countries: The Case of Honduras

    Rebecca B. Perkins, Sarah M. Langrish, Linda J. Stern, James F. Burgess, Carol J. Simon
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 20, Issue 1, p35–42
    Published online: November 30, 2009
  • Older Women in a State-Wide, Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Program: Who Enrolls and What Benefits Are Obtained?

    Matthew Lee Smith, Marcia G. Ory, Ross Larsen
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 20, Issue 6, p427–434
    Published in issue: November-December, 2010
  • An Evaluation of A Medicaid Expansion for Cancer Care: The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act of 2000

    Paula M. Lantz, Soheil Soliman
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 19, Issue 4, p221–231
    Published in issue: July-August, 2009
  • Cigarette smoking from adolescence to young adulthood: Women’s developmental trajectories and associates outcomes

    Joan S. Tucker, Phyllis L. Ellickson, Maria Orlando, David J. Klein
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 16, Issue 1, p30–37
    Published in issue: January-February, 2006
  • The association between educational level and risk of cardiovascular disease fatality among women with cardiovascular disease

    JiWon R. Lee, Furcy Paultre, Lori Mosca
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 15, Issue 2, p80–88
    Published in issue: March-April, 2005
  • Associations between forced sex, sexual and protective practices, and sexually transmitted diseases among a national sample of adolescent girls

    Dawn M. Upchurch, Yasamin Kusunoki
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 14, Issue 3, p75–84
    Published in issue: May-June, 2004
  • Presentation, delay, and contraindication to thrombolytic treatment in females and males with myocardial infarction

    Sherry L. Grace, Susan E. Abbey, Susan Bisaillon, Zachary M. Shnek, Jane Irvine, Donna E. Stewart
    Women's Health Issues, Vol. 13, Issue 6, p214–221
    Published in issue: November-December, 2003